Pokémon Type Calculator

Calculates how effective some Pokémon type is against another.

It’s super effective! (×2)
¿How do I use this?

Say, for example, if I wanted to see the effectiveness of a Psychic-type move against a Riolu. I’d click Attack type and select Psychic. I’d choose Fighting as its primary type and set its secondary type to --- None ---, since Riolu is a single-type Pokémon. The large text above should automatically update, in this case it would display It’s super effective! (×2).

If I instead wanted to figure out the effectiveness against a Lucario, I’d select Psychic as the attack type, Fighting as the primary type, and Steel as the secondary type. Once again, the text should update automatically, displaying Normal damage (x1)

Another thing to note, if a Pokémon has a dual typing, the order of the typings doesn’t matter.

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