Hi, I’m Benji.

I like programming and playing piano. I should probably be studying.


Some projects I’ve worked on.

About me

Hi, I’m Benji. You might know me as @MindfulMinun online. I graduated from both Legacy ECHS and Temple College late this spring with my HS diploma and an Associate of Arts respectively. I’m currently a first-year sophomore at UT Dallas, majoring in Computer Science. I like to write code and play the piano.

This is what I look like.
This is what I look like.

In my leisure time, I like to write code, tweet tweets, and play piano and Smash. I can solve a Rubik’s cube under 2 minutes, and I speak both English and Spanish fluently.

An excerpt of Don't Ever Forget.

Code & stuff

I love to code. It’s my dream to write code for a living. I picked up JavaScript during my freshman year of high school while messing around with Firefox Scratchpad. I naturally went on to learn the other two web languages: HTML and CSS. I’m now fluent in front-end workflow, combining technologies ranging from ServiceWorker, Jekyll, Vue, GitHub, Netlify, Heroku, you name it.

The video and audio players above were both created by yours truly. I’ve also made layouts and other HTML things.

Near the end of my Sophomore year, I went on to focus on Node.js, a back-end JavaScript runtime. Here, I picked up CoffeeScript, a Python-esque language that transpiles to JavaScript. With these, I created Haruka, a Discord bot.

Last summer, I’ve worked some more with Node.js and created @NichijouEbooks, a Twitter bot that posts randomly-formulated strings from quotes taken from the Nichijou anime. Her repository is also on GitHub.


You can find me all over the Internet as MindfulMinun, I can prove it. For business inquiries, send me an email. For pretty much anything else, get it touch with me via Twitter or Discord (MindfulMinun#3386). I’m also on GitHub, CodePen, Glitch, Keybase, Mastodon, and many other places. Feel free to say hi.