Hi, I’m Benji. 👋🏽

I’m supposed to be studying.

Hi, I’m Benji. You might know me as @MindfulMinun online. I graduated from Temple College around May 2019 with an associate’s degree. I’m currently studying at UT Dallas, majoring in Computer Science. I like to write code and play the piano.

In my free time, I like to write JavaScript. Check out some of the things I’ve made, I promise you they’re (kinda) cool.

This is me.

I love to code. It’s my dream to write code for a living. I picked up JavaScript during my freshman year of high school while messing around with Firefox Scratchpad. I naturally went on to learn the other two web languages, HTML and CSS. Over the course of these 5 years, I’ve become fluent in front-end workflow, combining technologies ranging from CI with Heroku and Netlify, GitHub Actions, integration with Visual Studio Code, backends in Node.js with Express, you name it.


If you’re a recruiter, check out my resume and don’t hesitate to email me.

You can find me all over the Internet as MindfulMinun, I can prove it. Get in touch with me via old-fashioned email, or reach out through socials like Twitter or Discord. I’m also on GitHub, Glitch, Keybase, Mastodon, LinkedIn and many other places. Feel free to say hi!